Filmmaker & Photographer from Warwick, RI

Focused on Business Media & Rebranding Campaigns, Commercial Video Production, and Community Development, with over five years of professional experience.

Storytelling Through Video Production & Photography

Warwick, RI

Get To Know Me

Justin Thomas Murray

I live in Warwick with my girlfriend of 4 years, Izzy. We have two dogs, Dexter and Kaiser; Both psychos.
I have a passion for storytelling, creating art, and helping others visualize & achieve their goals. I strive to play an integral role in projects that offer a significant impact to the community, whether that means helping other small businesses grow through media, or capturing the stories of those experiencing the jarring affects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The main categories I like to focus on most when taking on new projects include Community Development (Affordable Housing in Mattapan), Business Media & Social Media Campaigns (Healthy Waltham Rebranding) and Commercial Video Production (Healthy Waltham Weekly Pantry).

I prefer to use my photography skills to compliment my main work in video. Most of my portfolio work was taken during passion projects, therefore I only like to take on photography projects that are lifestyle based or strictly cohesive with a video project.


St. Louis, MO

Photography Portfolio

Canon 7D

After building my foundation in photography I began experimenting with different concepts and ideas. Eventually I constructed my full portfolio which mostly consists of human interaction and architecture, directly transpiring into my work today in Community Development Projects.

My photography shooting style replicates much of my work in video. I like to emulate cinematic composition while showing intended movement. I still have a passion today for shooting photography and using it along side my work in video.

Boston, MA

Video Portfolio

Canon C300 & Sony A7III

Traveling across the United States after graduating high school exponentially solidified my love for capturing human interaction and storytelling.

During my first year at Massachusetts College of Art and Design I worked on a number of projects including creating “Collaboration” for the residency program Art On The Vine. This helped me earn an Internship as a Media Creator at Skydeck TV in the summer of 2019, followed by a Digital Media Fellowship with the Ed Markey Re-Election Campaign at the beginning of 2020.

After working under Ed Markey and his Campagin’s Media Team, I was actuated to make Community Development a key goal in the projects I take on day to day. Combining my passion for political activism and my love for helping individuals and businesses in the community has completely transformed my perspective over the years.


Working with my mentor my first year at Mass Art opened me up to what i could provide to the community I call home, from presenting projects about homelessness to the City of Boston’s Mayor’s Office, to earning a Fellowship with Ed Markey’s Media Team… see more.


Businesses who use Social Media strategically to grow their business have a higher success rate than those that are strictly brick and mortar. I love helping brands solidify their style and direction through photo and video content edited and formatted specifically for each platform… see more.


Being with couples on their most intimate day is such a privilege. In 2019, after shooting Weddings and events for two years, I ventured off to start my first company called Visual Memento…see more.

Commercial Video Production

Helping businesses strategize their video content to correlate with their brand image makes a profound impact on the overall direction of their brand … see more.

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Storytelling Through Video Production and Photography