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At Visual Memento, we wholeheartedly believe in the concept of living in the present!

Each moment you live is another memory come and gone. On the days when every moment counts but seems too short, you should be able to relive them whenever you want, for the rest of your life.

Visual Memento has been providing couples all across New England with the best resources, the best guidance, and the best video services for their wedding day since 2019!

We are storytellers who have a keen eye for detail, and we are extremely passionate about the work we do every day.

We are committed to providing our community members with the resources necessary to make a dream wedding attainable, memorable, and affordable. We provide an assortment of packets, links, articles videos and more for our couples to learn from to prepare for their wedding day.

Our videographers take the time to listen to your stories to learn the ins and outs of your relationship before we even begin filming, and this is reflected in each unique film we create.

Take the next step! Let’s set up a brief consultation to discuss if Visual Memento is the right choice for you.